Holiday Opening Coming Friday, Nov. 18...

Foggy Opening by Kathy Gergo
Painting by John Preble of Abita Springs, LA
Horse by Bebe Wolfe
Cut & painted metal face by Pat Juneau
Join us for our Annual Holiday Opening featuring new work by:

New Paintings by

•Kathy Gergo

•Patt Odom

•Elizabeth Wolfe

•John Preble

•Jamie Tate

•Mary Hardy

•Janet Urrate

•Bryce Speed
• Jewelry by
Betsy Liles

•Metal sculpture and jewelry by
Pat & Suzanne Juneau

•Scarves by
Angela Stout

Friday, November 18
7 PM until 9 PM

The Attic Gallery

Looking for Normalcy
It seems as if we are all still a long way from normalcy. Our artists and their work continue to be
profoundly affected by Katrina. We are taking our first tour of the Gulf Coast since the storms to
collect the work for the show. We’ll be visiting our artists in Ocean Springs, Abita Springs, New
Orleans, and Cajun Country.
Come see what we find.

show continues through Dec.

This opening is part of the second Annual "3 of Arts". Read all about the other events here.


redrose said…
always something great to look forward to here! said…
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Kathryn said…
Daniel and Lesley,
It was great to meet you in Abita Springs and i love what i can see of your gallery here at the blog. Hope the opening went well. My guess is folks are ready to be together again and what a great space you have to fuel the collective process for this post-hurricane world. We'll be back to see you and the gallery in person eventually. Meanwhile, you can check out our family blog at
warmest regards,
kathryn brady
crestone, colorado
paymaster said…
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