Come to Our House...

On Friday, July 9 Lesley Silver and Daniel Boone, owners of Vicksburg's Attic Gallery will open their home to host an art exhibit and gallery talks by Mississippi painters Patt Odom, Susie Ranager, and Jamie Tate.

Since the couple are in the middle of remodeling the third floor of the downtown gallery building into a new residence, it seemed like a good time to take the gallery to their long time home on Cherry Street. "We have had the occasional trunk show at the house over the years, but this will be a chance for our friends and clients to come to the house one last time before we move, " Silver said.

"We chose three painters we have worked with over the last few years, and they have worked together as active members of the Mississippi Art Colony. Each will be at the opening and will briefly discuss their involvement with this institution and how it has influenced their work. Susie and Patt are from the Gulf Coast, and Jamie is from the Delta. 'Colony,' headquartered in Utica, has provided a place for a terrific group of Mississippi artists to work side by side and exchange ideas."

The one-night-show will be at the home of Lesley Silver and Daniel Boone at 2432 Cherry Street from 7 PM to 9 PM. For more information call 601 638 9221 or 601 638 3967 the night of the show.


Anonymous said…
Wow! What a fabulous space! I can feel the goodness! It is a big adjustment giving up that commute and all... you may have to do several laps up and down the stairs to make the mental transition from work to home! I send you my blessings, and look forward to seeing you soon, Diane French (attic gallery devotee and fellow artist)
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