Interiors/Exteriors coming to the Attic Gallery

We are celebrating our 42nd anniversary of the Attic Gallery with a theme show by some of our favorite artists. The theme is


and will open on

Friday, October 4 

from 7 to 9 PM at the 

Attic Gallery at 

1101 Washington Street 

in downtown Vicksburg.

Jamie Tate: Impilai

Paul Fayard: Walkers

Look for new work by:

Sam Beibers
Jean Blue
Anne Campbell
Cherie Clark
Tony Davenport
Anthony DiFatta
Paul Fayard
Kathy Gergo
Elayne Goodman
Will Jacks
Ky Johnston
Randy Jolly
Ron Koehler
Ellen Langford
Ron Lindsey
George Ann McCullough
Jerrod Partridge
Poor Julia
Dale Rayburn
Earl Simmons
Jamie Tate
Lesley Silver
James Smithhart


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